Introducing Vantage Point for Adobe Connect

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Custom Landing Pages and Single Sign On (SSO) with your Corporate SAML and LDAP Servers

We can provide fully branded registration portal pages like this for any existing Adobe Connect site (Hosted, On-Premise or ACMS) so your users never see the Adobe Login Screen again! Authentication can be directly with your corporate network or optionally with platforms like Google, LinkedIn and Facebook. It's all fully configurable to meet your needs.


Use your own corporate domain name and protect your brand identity in all your meeting links - why advertise Adobe?

Eliminate the need to maintain a second set of credentials for your corporate users - just SSO directly from your organization's private network!

Increase security and ease of use - your users never need to know their Adobe credentials. Perfect for large organizations with high turnover.

Collect more information on users entering your meetings than simply a name like "joe"

Optionally limit access by applying business rules or requiring a passcode for entry

Unlimited customization available to meet your specific needs. Learn more about our SSO solutions here.

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